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Put Your Life Into Focus

I give my clients the valuable guidance and the support they need at rates they are comfortable with paying. Coaching is a great option for everyone, whether you are working with a Life Coach for the first time or are a seasoned veteran.  
According to research, three to six months is the typical amount of time an individual needs to make changes.  Six sessions, paced out over three months, allows you to get deep on what you need to work on and look at more than one area of focus.   Schedule a session today and achieve next level results.

$175/45 MINUTES

One-Session of Coaching

This session for a single area of focus. It’s a good option if you have something really specific to work on. Or, if you want to try coaching but aren’t ready to commit.


Three Session Package

This package focuses on a specific area. It is a good option if you want help getting started on a goal, or you feel that you want to tackle a couple of areas.
Three 45-minute sessions. Includes support via text or email.

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Six Session Package

Lasting change takes place over time. This is perfect if you want to tackle a few areas. 
Six 45-minute sessions. Includes support via text or email.

Packages & Rates: Packages & Rates
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